Creating A Brand Narrative Can Boost Profits — Here’s How

Creating A Brand Narrative Can Boost Profits — Here’s How

Jun 28th 2022

Let’s be honest, coming up with new ways to boost sales can be difficult, especially if you’ve tried the all the strategies that pop up when you Google search “how to increase retail sales”. If you’re looking for a new, more engaging and psychologically proven method of moving your products more effectively, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how to tell a brand narrative that changes the way customers engage with your optical retail store:

Tell A Brand Story That Sticks

Humans respond well to stories. Why? Because it’s simply easier for us to relate to stories. Incorporating brand or product narratives into your sales strategy is a great way to invoke emotional connection to your business or to the products you carry.

Tell your customers the story of how your optical retail store came to fruition. Pick a main highlight in your life for where your passion of the optical industry began. Perhaps it was because you were the first person in your kindergarten class to get glasses, and it was difficult to endure classmates making fun of you. Maybe that experience made you realize how eyes are more important than succumbing to 5 year olds poking fun at you. See how engaging stories can be in just a few simple sentences? Leverage your unique origin story to connect with customers in eccentric ways. Once you have determined how you want to tell your story, share the intricate details with your employees so they can share that same passion story with your prospects and customer base.

Don’t Just Stop There — Tell Narratives for Unique Products That Need to be Told

Do you have products in your store that have interesting stories behind their initiation? Tell your customers! Perhaps a product was created because of a need that the product designer noticed that was going unresolved or maybe a scientist found a better way to design lenses and it changed the way your business provides customers with high-end lenses for their glasses. These types of stories allow customers to engage with products as more than just some glasses on a shelf.

A well thought out story can create an experience that becomes so much more than buying a product from a retail store. These easy-to-create stories are what allow brands to form cult-like followings. We know, we know…cults are usually a bad thing, but not in retail — look at Apple’s fanboy culture after all. It’s made Apple the wealthiest company in history!

Make Your Products More Than A Goods Exchange. Instead, Change the World

Align your profits with causes around the globe. People love hearing stories of how their dollars are contributing to help the world. Your optical retailer could partner with Toms on their fight to end cataract issues across the poorest nations. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, find a similar optical-related cause that makes an impact on the world, and make sure you openly share it with all of your customers.