3 On-the-Fly Ideas to Boost Traffic to your Optical Retail Store

3 On-the-Fly Ideas to Boost Traffic to your Optical Retail Store

Sep 28th 2022

Summer is notoriously known for less foot traffic and more cancelled appointments in the optical industry. Though, this is no surprise — after all, who doesn’t want to be at the beach getting their feet wet in sunny 90 degree weather? Sometimes you have to be willing to get more creative than usual during the summer months to keep steady cashflow running through your business.

Here are 3 fantastic ways that you can boost foot traffic to your optical retail shop with very little investment:

1. Host A Summer Get Together for Patients

If you’re telling us you can’t get more people through your business’ doors by offering free champagne, we don’t believe you. Hosting a fun, light get-together with free drinks, games and a few inexpensive prizes can work wonders for your optical retail store. Another great option is to put together a free class on eye care and the best practices to take care of one’s vision. Hosting an event like this will also allow you the opportunity to create a community-centric environment that can help build customer loyalty. Go ahead, get your party on.

2. Collab with Another Local Business

There are plenty of small businesses that would love to get more attention to their products, and on that same token a collaboration could help entice new customers to your optical store. A great example of collaborating with a local small business would be to join forces with an esthetician or a skincare retailer. The value for your customers would be that they could talk to an expert about the latest in anti-aging for one’s under eyes or crows feet while also getting their contact prescription filled or their eye appointment out of the way. A great way to let your customers know of this collaboration would be to combine e-mail lists and to promote an event or one another on social media. It really is a win-win for your optical business and your partner’s business.

3. Get Outside!

Okay, okay…we know summers can get HOT, but if your customers are outside at a local town center or wandering around an outdoor mall, maybe you should be too. Create powerful or encapsulating visual displays (you can learn more about visual merchandising for your optical retailer here) that will force shoppers and visitors to pay attention and engage in conversation with you. Set up a table with free lemonade, goodies or coupons and get your prospects to sign up in real time right in front of you! This will also help establish trust as they’re engaging with a representative from your business that they may run into during their visit.

Pro-Tip: A great goodie to provide could be a cloth eye case with your logo and contact information printed onto it.

Sometimes running an optical business requires creativity when it comes to capturing new audiences. Don’t be afraid to try these tips and others because you never know how much your business will thrive with each venture! We hope these tips help you increase patient foot traffic coming through your doors.

Did any of these ideas work for you? If so contact us — we would love to hear from you and even feature you on our blog!