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Stainless Steel Horizontal Cabinet Pin System

Stainless Steel Horizontal Cabinet Pin System

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Optiquattro horizontal system with stainless steel pins. Pins clip to square 0.24X0.24 anodized alloy rods. Square Alloy rods are available in 5 standard sizes mentioned below or can be customized. A square design ensures displays are always level with rods and pins unable to twist or slip. Assembly is simple and fast with all clear parts made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic. Standard vertical spacing of alloy rod is 3-6. Pins are normally spaced 7 horizontally. Square alloy rods can be mounted between the two sides of cabinet using recessed plugs. Recessed plugs push firmly into accurately machined 0.63 holes in wood or acrylic. Maximum Span between pylons is 35. Alloy rods should be set a minimum of 3 from the back of the display.

Two type of recessed plugs are available

Open type The end of a plug is open, allowing the rod to pass through the plug. This should be used on one wall of the cabinet. Code 66RPO

Closed/Blank type The plug has close end and internal taper to grip the alloy rod. These plugs should be used at the opposite end of the rod to the open plug. Code: 66RPB

Alloy rods standard sizes:

66A ~ 23.6

66B ~ 31.5

66C ~ 39.4

66D ~ 48.0
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