Shipping Rates

Our shipping costs are dynamically computed in real-time using advanced shipping management software, connected directly to shipping companies to provide up-to-the-minute rates. This encompasses shipments of various sizes, ranging from small packages to large freight, spanning from individual pallets to entire containers. Rest assured, our rates are exceptionally competitive within the industry. Furthermore, all our rates come inclusive of comprehensive insurance coverage for all shipped products and items.


We kindly request our valued clients to diligently inspect all incoming shipments, both the packaging of smaller items and the crates of larger shipments, for any visible signs of damage. In the event of such damage, we ask that the recipient ensure the driver notes down the observed damages on the receipt before endorsing it. It is also important to have the driver include their name on the receipt.


Should any damages be identified, we encourage you to reach out to us via email at Kindly provide a description of the damages along with accompanying photographs for prompt assistance.