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Poly Carbonate Vertical Clip System

Poly Carbonate Vertical Clip System

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Vertical Optiquattro system with adjustable frame clips, which clips onto square ~0.24X0.24 anodized alloy rods. Span between each frame holder is ~ 2-3. Square Alloy rods are available in 5 standard sizes mentioned below or can be customized. Wall mount vertical Optiquattro system can be mounted directly to the back of cabinet or wall using surface pylons. Surface pylons attach to many surfaces including wood, acrylic and concrete/masonry with a single screw. The fastening screw is hidden inside the base of the pylon. Maximum span between recess pylons is ~4.5 feet. Pylons may start up to ~9.8 from the end of alloy rod. Alloy rods are held ~5.7 out from the wall.

Alloy rods standard sizes:

66A ~ 23.6

66B ~ 31.5

66C ~ 39.4

66D ~ 48.0

66E ~ 72.0

For any customized length please contact us @ 1-877-274-9300
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