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DWL31-90 Top LED Shelves

DWL31-90 Top LED Shelves

Item #: DWL-31-90-PW-14-TOPLED-KIT
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Our Price: $1,499.00
Product Description

Illumination is key to optimal, effective and great-looking merchandising. Our new glass shelves provide high-end, day-like retail lighting for your products. The design is simple yet sophisticated. Both the upper and lower surfaces of the shelves are made from frosted glass allowing LED light to pass through. Your frames will be lit and displayed in the most efficient and balanced light from below and above. The shelf structure is made of powder coated steel in white.

Seven of our TOP-LED Shelves are mounted onto our opaque Polar White DWL.31.90 panel for a stunning and professional look.

Back Panel Dimensions: 36.5 x 47.5 H

Individual Shelf Dimensions: 36.6 L x 7.67 W x 1.38 H

The following components will be included in your kit for this product. Assembly is required:

 One Acrylic Back Panel

 6 x Wall Standoffs and Anchors

 7 x TOP-LED Shelves

 2 x TOP-LED Transformers

 Assembly Instructions

Download PDF Form Here...

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