Floor-Top Optical Frame Display ASIS XB

ASIS-2B/3B/4B - Our fabulous ASIS displays come with a bottom panel option. For when you prefer shorter rods and/or the look of the bottom panel, choose our ASIS XB models. Ask us about branding your store name and logo on the bottom panel, too.

ASIS Frames are available in 3 sizes, with bottom panel in either Clear or Glass-Look finish to match the revolving panels. Each rotatable panel can be fitted with up to 2 MTE 18 open or locking display rods.

ASIS-2B 34"(W) x 78"(H)

ASIS-3B 49.6"(W) x 78"(H)

ASIS-4B 65"(W) x 78"(H)