ASIS 1 2 3 4 Optical Display for 36-192 Frames

ASIS shop-in-shop system is the perfect choice for a floor-top unit used as multifunctional window display with rotating panels and rods. Basic Frame is made of anodized aluminum and two lateral steel legs. Basic option includes the complete unit with German-made Mini-Tubix open Rods, rotating 3/8 inch thick transparent panel(s) and all hardware necessary to assemble the unit.

Click on your desired ASIS unit below. Here is how to order:

1. Make your acrylic panel finish selection

2. Make your rod selection

3. Add the side mirror if you'd like

For more information on the Mini Tubix Rods, please visit the wallmount section of this site.

For dimensions and examples of use, see the bottom of this page.