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The new VARIO LS-system provides the flexibility desired in the optical retail environment. Pre-drilled precision in-line holes function as receptacles for many components of this versatile system. The newest component member is the unique VARIO SIDE module, an eyewear holder which can be angled to 45 inches showcasing the beautiful temples of todays hottest styles.

The VARIO SLEEVE allows you to use Vario products on your wood panel, dry wall or any other type of panels that you may have in the shop. Please see Vario Sleeve on this page for detailed instruction.

Vario Panel system is available in 6 sizes:

AP-5-20-VAR: 78 inches(H) X 19 inches(W)

AP-5-14-VAR: 55 inches(H) X 19 inches(W)

AP-7-20-VAR: 78 inches(H) X 27 inches(W)

AP-7-14-VAR: 55 inches(H) X 27 inches(W)

AP-9-20-VAR: 78 inches(H) X 35 inches(W)

AP-9-14-VAR: 55 inches(H) X 35 inches(W)

And four finishes: Clear, Frosted-Ice, Polar-White, Glass-Look

All accessories are listed below. Please click on the picture to order.
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