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Sneeze Guards for Cars and Taxis

Sneeze Guards for Cars and Taxis
With streets across the US grown quiet in order to stem the outbreak, many taxi and ride-sharing service drivers have said they are "desperate" without business. However, the drivers who are still working are among those highest at risk for exposure to the droplets and germs.

We designed this sneeze guard for cars after a client called us to discuss the urgent need these drivers have for protection so they can work.

"The slightest sniffle or sneeze, it makes you jump," a driver told us over the phone. "There's no protection between the customer and the driver. We don't have many New York City style cabs that have the full protection, so it's a worry picking people up." The driver we spoke to wanted to install a specially designed screen in his Uber car, separating him from his customers. Uber drivers and passengers in the US have to wear face masks as the ride-hailing firm toughens its policy. But masks arenít always enough. And what if someone gets in without a mask? We wanted to help make sure drivers had an additional layer of safety between themselves and their passengers.

Thatís why we worked hard to come up with a sneeze shield that would work in cars and SUVís of all sizes, attached easily, offered protection and was reasonably priced. Our shields are 44Ē wide but have perforated strips at two inches in from each side in case they need to be a little narrower. We put in multiple holes for various points of attachment. This allows the zip ties that hold the shield to the back of the front seats to safely and easily attach to multiple sizes of head rests and gives leeway for how high the shield can be placed.

Our car guards are very affordable. And since they can be cleaned with soap and water or any alcohol based product, these car shields will help keep drivers safe for many rides to come.

* No returns accepted due to the nature of the product and possible contamination during this pandemic
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