Plexiglass Sneeze Guards and Acrylic Shields

Easily Protect Government Workers and Visitors With Desktop and Hanging Acrylic Sneeze Guards

*CUSTOM SIZE OPTIONS FOR LARGER QUANTITIES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST* This is a no-brainer for government offices that must continue to operate during this terrifying time. Installing our Commercial Plexiglass Shields at your government office's counters & other client facing areas will provide critical needed protection. Our Sneeze Guards can provide a physical barrier for most areas within your office. While many establishments around the world are undertaking many safeguards to protect employees and clients alike, a physical barrier is a safer alternative that all parties will be sure to appreciate. For larger quantities, custom size options mat be available upon request. Safety Tip: We recommend adding markers to queuing areas and throughout your reception and frontdesk space to help employees and clients maintain proper social distancing of six feet apart. These changes may lead to a very different experience than your clients may be used to. * No returns accepted due to the nature of the product and possible contamination during this pandemic