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Slide Optical Cabinets

Slide  Optical Cabinets
Our SLIDE-cabinets captivate through their complete innovative design. Equipped with sliding doors they are also perfectly suitable for limited space. Flexibility in interior design and function.

Slide cabinet structures are made of derived timber, coated and covered with thermabent acrylic panels and hardware.

Slide cabinet is wall mounted with sliding doors. Available in 3 widths and various heights. Cabinet body made of coated wood panels, covered with glossy acrylic. Individual trays available and sold separately. Lock option also available.


SC-1400-White : 57.71 x 17.28 x 12.8 (2 doors)
SC-1800-White : 71.89 x 17.28 x 12.8 (3 doors)

Download PDF Form Here...

Download PDF Form Here...

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