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Shin-Nippon LM-25D Manual Lensmeter

Shin-Nippon LM-25D Manual Lensmeter

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Product Description
The Shin-Nippon’s LM-25 is a solid lensmeter that can fit into any office or lab. Constructed to last, the LM-25 provides old fashioned value. This lensmeter’s features include:

• Unrestricted tilting angle

• Can be clamped at any angle allowing measurement while in a comfortable position

• Full 90° tilting for easy measurement of contact lenses

• Accepts large diameter lenses (from 24-90 mm)

• Uses bold cross line target

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Vertex Power

Range  +25 diopters to -25 diopters



0.125 diopters up to +/- 3 diopters

0.25 diopters beyond +/_ diopters

Prismatic Power

Range  5 prism diopters



0.5 diopters up to 2 diopters

1 diopter beyond 2 diopters

Cylindrical Axis

Range 0-180 degrees


Step  1 degree


Target Method

Bold Cross line


Lenses Accommodated

Diameter 24 to 90 mm


Step 2 mm


Intervals of Lensholder

Pitch 16 mm


Tilting Angle

30 to 90 degree


Eyepiece Focusing

+7D to -10D



110V  15W



475(H) X 130(W) X 330(D)


Net Weight

4.9 kg


Standard Accessories (included)

2 bulb, 1 Vinyl cover, 1 Contact lens holder, 1 Bifocal lens holder


Optional Accessories (not included)

Prism compensator:

  • Diopter range: 15 diopters
  • Graduations: 1 diopter step
  • Angle scale: 0-180°
  • Graduations: 5°



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