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SENSE Waiting Room Chair

SENSE Waiting Room Chair

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Product Description
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The first multipurpose chair with auto-adaptively elastic by body weight and movement.

The freedom of movement is the key to comfort and good health.

The Sense chair redefines the ergonomics of multi-purpose chair with an innovative structure in the seat and back shells.The body's weight and movement facilitate shape changes.This results a fully support of body.The air flows through the seat and back to cool down the heat.

The adaptive lumbar support ensures that the lower back is evenly supported, the shoulder support is for lateral movement to the left and right,and there is also pelvic positioning to ensure a straight back.The Sense chair reacts auto-adaptively,initiated by movement and body weight.

Pressure Distribution

Sense's innovative stress-relief cross-slits on the seat shell flex independently under the sitting bones to reduce pressure points and evenly distribute body weight for long- term sitting comfort.Vents in the seat pan and backrest promote air circulation.

Movement is healthy.

Don't sit still. Your body needs to move.Blood needs to flow. Moving while you sit reduces stress on the spine and sends oxygen to your muscles.

A New Seating Concept for Health

"Sense chair" - the innovative design for "3D dynamic" seating combines the elastic nylon compound material and the structure.lt maximizes the freedom of posture, encourages air movement into the lungs for more oxygen to feed your body and your brain,and keeps your spine in a natural posture.

Pressure Distribution

A comfortable chair will produce pressure distributions for a wide range of users.Then we engineer the Sense chair so the structure and materials provide dynamic support for the sitter and fit differently proportioned persons.

Sitting in an upright position

In Sense with postural support distributes pressure across the sacral-pelvic,lumbar,and thoracic area.

Sitting in a reclined position

In Sense with postural support distributes pressure across the thoracic area and away from the spine.

Commercial quality

Weight limit : up to 250 lbs

Pre-assemble chair


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