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R-1900 Manual Refractor

R-1900 Manual Refractor

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Product Description
The built-to-last Luxvision R-1900 Phoropter comes with several built-in lenses and extensive sphere and cylinder powers for a complete examination.

Precise refraction is efficiently obtained on the Luxvision R-1900. Gather sphere measurements using the unitís Fast Feed Dial, which operates on light fingertip control. Likewise, perform speedy astigmatism tests. The R-1900 eliminates the need for axis adjustment when performing cross cylinder testing. An efficient synchronizing mechanism simplifies the entire procedure. Maximum field of view is obtained with the incorporation of rotary prism into the main body of the R-1900, while right and left synchronized adjustment enables smooth and quick PD refinement. In addition, twelve auxiliary lenses can be set at each main aperture on the right and left sides. You simply canít go wrong with the R-1900.

Features of the R-1900 Manual Refractor
▪ Fingertip Adjustable Sphere Powers
▪ Complete Range of Cylinder Powers
▪ Simplified Cross Cylinder Measurements
▪ Near Point Scale and Chart
▪ Rotary Prism
▪ Interpupillary Distance Adjustment
▪ Built-in Auxiliary Lenses
▪ Optional Accessory Lenses
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