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R-2500 Manual Refractor

R-2500 Manual Refractor

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Product Description
The award-wining and durable Luxvision R-2500 Phoropter comes with extensive sphere and cylinder powers as well as several built-in lenses.

Luxvision’s R-2500 provides a wealth of built-in features as well accessories that are not often seen in manual refractor. Now you can efficiently and confidently perform all of the functions necessary in a manual refraction with ease. And, thanks to extensive sphere and cylinder powers, as well as the unit’s several built-in auxiliary lenses, you can perform vision testing on virtually any patient. Take it a step further and customize the R-2500 with a wide range of accessory lenses. The unit is also available in either black or white. The possibilities are endless. Users will also enjoy an easy-to-use convergence system that allows you to switch between distance and near with one simple flip of a lever. Astigmatic testing is also simplified as a result of a special mechanism on the cross cylinder loupe. All of this and more make the Luxvision R-2500 a smart choice.

Features of the R-2500 Manual Refractor
▪ Vast Sphere Powers
▪ Extensive Range of Cylinder Powers
▪ Simplified Cross Cylinder Measurements
▪ Near Point Scale and Chart
▪ Rotary Prism
▪ Interpupillary Distance Adjustment
▪ Built-in Auxiliary Lenses
▪ Optional Accessory Lenses

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