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DW Optical Display Panels w/ IKEA Cabinets

DW Optical Display Panels w/ IKEA Cabinets
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DW Panels w/ Wall Mounted Ikea Cabinets

DW Panels w/ Floor Top Ikea Cabinets

DIY Guide to Ikea Cabinets with DW Panels

Before CNS Frame Displays, it was not that easy


You’re ready to open your new practice or remodel your pre-existing practice, but it seems like a daunting and costly task, so you have been putting it off for quite some time. You are not alone. You know that time is money and the sooner you go-to-market, the sooner you will realize and increase your income potential, but finding the time to design an inviting dispensary and creating the budget to do so is a different story. Managing the entire process of researching the options, deciding what looks best and is most functional for your particular dispensary, and calculating costs of all the individual components necessary to fill your shop is time-consuming, overwhelming and often exceeds your budget. You feel the need to find a way to make sense of it all so that you can save money and yet achieve your infrastructure goals effectively.


Every optical dispensary requires furniture, mirrors, and accessories that are patient-friendly. The following items are needed to get started:

- A floor plan of the office
- A Design, completed by a designer familiar with all aspects of optical dispensary
- Flooring
- Cabinets
- Dispensing Tables
- Front Counter
- Frame Displays and Boards

- Accessories
- Lighting

If you decide to go to a traditional optical frame display company, they will be able to provide most of the above components; however, they are not inexpensive. A typical optical dispensary of around 1000 square feet will cost on average, well over $35,000. The most expensive parts of the equation are the custom cabinets and custom dispensing tables and counters. Many companies in the US and the Canadian markets provide custom cabinetry services based on a pre-designed model; however, as many find out, the cost of a basic single optical display cabinet can easily be a couple of thousand dollars. The fact of the matter is, if you follow the plan to purchase materials through a traditional optical dispensary company or try to piece your shop together with custom cabinets from a local supplier, you rarely see success from any cost-saving efforts, and instead, end up stretching your budget.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: - There Is an Easier Way

10 years ago CNS Frame Displays (framedisplays.com) identified the struggle for those in the optical retail industry to design and build a dispensary affordably, and realized the need in this market to guide their clients through the process, create stunning, yet affordable displays, and research furniture manufacturers, such as Ikea, in order to be able to share the information with the “do-it-yourself” individuals like you, who have taken the challenge of creating a new optical dispensary as their first step in becoming a successful entrepreneur in the optical services and retail industry.

CNS Frame Displays has helped over 23,000 clients in North America to design and build their dispensaries successfully without breaking the bank. They know how to work with the client who has a limited budget, and even provide designers to talk to directly, free of charge, who can create a computer model of the dispensary with everything in place, thereby reducing stress and planning time for the optical retail professional.


Before you begin to search for various vendors, contact us at CNS Frame Displays. We have done the homework for you, and can suggest what products you need and where you can buy them. We have shopped and analyzed a number of furniture manufacturers such as Ikea, and have custom developed frame board and display designs that complement their furniture. We have even developed computer models for our 3-D CAD design software that allow us to design complete dispensaries with Ikea furniture and our displays together, which saves our clients tremendous amount of money, yet provides a completely professional look and feel to the dispensaries.


Contact us with your floor plan. We will provide a design consisting of furniture products that you can buy directly from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), such as Ikea, knowing that you are getting the best possible deal in the market. Finally, we will provide a proposal based on any additional displays and accessories we can provide for your design, resulting in a final cost that is a fraction of what it would be with any other provider.

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