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P.O.S. Step

P.O.S. Step

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Acrylic Table Top: 
Acrylic Table Top finish: 
Optional LED: 
Wooden Bases: 
Our Price: $150.00
Product Description
Cover for display stand: Acrylic glass, available in 3 colors and dimensions, including P.O.S. bolts. Illumination optional (only in combination with polarwhite). Individual fitting. Please order separately.

APOS 5/3 550 x 8 x 550 mm
APOS 7/3 700 x 8 x 550 mm
APOS 9/3 900 x 8 x 550 mm

display stand: Stackable wooden corpus made of coated derived timber product. Available in different dimensions and colors (without cover).

TPOS 5/3 550 x 310 x 550 mm
TPOS 7/3 700 x 310 x 550 mm
TPOS 9/3 900 x 310 x 550 mm

LED illumination (white) for APOS, including power supply (only in combination with polarwhite)
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