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This attractive and versatile medical supply cabinet is the solution to all your space problems. It is a solid, self-supporting steel structure with deep drawers that will notably improve your operational organization. The cabinet and steel drawers are white, with your choice of color for the drawer handles. Please note the following:
- The epoxy polyester powder coating on the cabinet repels dust allowing for a cleaner environment.
- The drawers are extremely durable, yet slide silently and effortlessly.
- Drawers are over 4 feet of depth which is deeper then any available drawer in the market today.
- The plastic dividers can be placed any way you choose in each drawer, maximizing space and allowing better management of medical supplies.
- Locks are optional on any/all individual drawers.
- The number of drawers you choose, whether you want double or single drawers, with or without locks, as well as the number of columns you choose, provides you with an opportunity to create something unique and specifically suited to your individual needs.

- Drawers come in single height and double height.
- Within each cabinet are slots for sixteen single drawers or eight double drawers, or any combination of the two.
- Apotheka has models S-Z with various arrangements of single and double drawers.

- Each drawer comes with separators and mini-separators. Separators are clear pastic, and fit into grooves along the drawer:

- Mini-Separators appear to be plastic and fit over the separators. They further divide up space within the drawer:

- Single drawers come within 24 separators and 5 mini-separators.
- Double drawers come with 12 separators and 5 mini-separators.
- More separators can be purchased, if desired.
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