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Gallery Pedestals

PED100, 101, 102 Gallery Pedestals
The pedestal is a very flexible showcase easily placed in a variety of spaces such as center of a room, against a wall or near a window. Comes in three sizes. Available in three sizes and in all standard and premium finishes (sold individually).Starting price is $825.00. For more options and placing an order please contact us

-Tempered glass
-Glass to glass construction
-Laminated deck
-One locking hinged door

-LED pole lights
-Lockable pull out deck
-Hinged door storage with shelf

Dimensions and Weights:
-Width: 12", 14", 16"
-Depth: 12", 14", 16"
-Total Height: 43", 49.5,55.5"
-Cabinet height: 32", 36", 40"
-Glass Height: 11", 13.5", 15.5"
-Weight: 49lbs, 71lbs, 104lbs
-Crated weight: 88lbs, 125lbs, 138lbs

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