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OPTOMAX Optical Frame Display

OPTOMAX Optical Frame Display
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An OPTOMAX L.E.D. FRAME BOARD is as good as it looks.

It's made from durable, beautiful materials like aluminum and custom printed stretch fabric. It comes with your choice of the latest optical display systems along with non-intrusive L.E.D. back lighting and powerful advanced graphics . It's plug-and-display ready and it has features you won't find on any standard frame boards. So from the outside in, OPTOMAX is designed to be a better frame board display.

� Customizable
� L.E.D. Lighting
� Changeable Graphics
� Easy to Set Up

We provide complete graphic design services for your custom graphic design requirements. You may also choose from a wide selection of pre-designed graphics and art works. This selection will be updated online periodically and are available for every occasion. Change the graphics of your frame boards as often as you'd like.

The program objective is to encourage the frame vendors to invest and participate in the financial interest, look and design of
individual optical dispensaries nationwide. The OPTOMAX CO-OP program will provide cash back to the client in the form of
discounts off the frame purchases, by agreeing to display Frame vendors names and logos on the OPTOMAX frame boards.

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