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OC-OI-STD MaxLight Standard 90D

OC-OI-STD MaxLight Standard 90D

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Product Description
OC-OI-STD MaxLight Standard 90D


■ Each lens incorporates state of the art aspheric computer generated design and manufacturing techniques. ■ OI-14 through STD-LR are made of a superior optical material, which cuts fatiguing weight by 40%. ■ They are guaranteed for 3 years against breakage, coating abrasion and defects in material and workmanship. ■ These eight lenses also receive an exclusive hydrophobic coating, which repels water, smudges and dust, making cleaning easier. ■ The 90D Standard is also available with a larger, 32mm holding ring. Product Code: OI-STD-LR ■ Lenses also available in colored mounts. Contact Ocular Instruments for further information.


■ Commonly known indirect ophthalmoscopy techniques using either the slit lamp or binocular indirect ophthalmoscope should be used. ■ The silver ring on the lens holder should be held toward the patient's eye during examination. It is important to recognize that this unidirectional design provides the best image quality possible. ■ Keep the lens centered on the patient's pupil. ■ Hold the lens far enough from the patient's eye so that the retinal image is the same diameter as the lens. ■ Keep the illumination source as dim as possible to minimize reflections and loss of image contrast. ■ Use the Ocular Lens Cleaning Cloth (OLCC) to keep lens clean and minimize glare from the lens surface.
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