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OC-OG3MA 3 Mirror Universal Laser, 18mm OD

OC-OG3MA 3 Mirror Universal Laser, 18mm OD

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Product Description
OC-OG3MA 3 Mirror Universal Laser, 18mm OD


■ Three Mirror Universal Lenses provide mirrors for the examination of the fundus and the anterior chamber angle. ■ Three mirrors of 59, 67 and 73 are arranged at 120 intervals. ■ The small 59 mirror is inclined for gonioscopic procedures. It may also be used for the observation of the vitreous and the fundus near the ora serrata. ■ The middle size mirror is inclined at 67 to observe the peripheral fundus from the ora serrata to the region of the equator. ■ The largest mirror is inclined at 73 to observe the fundus from the equator to an area adjacent to the posterior pole. ■ The posterior pole can be observed through the central axis of the lens. ■ Argon/Diode broad band anti-reflective coatings are bonded to the lenses to minimize reflections and maximize light transmission during laser treatment. ■ Ocular Instruments offers seventeen styles of the Three Mirror Universal Lens, seven of which require no methylcellulose (NMR) during routine eye examinations. ■ An unusually flat cornea (K=38.00) may require use of a drop of methylcellulose or Celluvisc between the cornea and the lens on the NMR styles.
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