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The new NEOBOX TV LINK is a plug-and-play technological wonder allowing you to quickly and cost-effectively convert your existing TV monitor into a powerful custom content media player and engage and educate your customers effectively and effortlessly.

Create your own content or let us do that for you. Make your playbook utilizing your eyewear brands, with both images and powerful video, with a Wi-Fi remote controlled management system virtually from anywhere in the world with any number of end stations.

Our Neobox is truly a plug-and-play device. No configuration necessary just connect it to your WiFi network and start playing your content immediately.

All you will need a standard HDMI port on your TV. The size of the NEOBOX™ is less than a deck of playing cards.

Dimensions: 3.5” x 2.5” x 1” (H)

1 X Standard HDMI 2 X USB 1 X RJ45 1 X SD Card Slot 1 x AV Input 1 x DC Input

Content creation and management will be extra. Please contact us for more detail.
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