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MWRS Mobile Wireless Refraction System

MWRS Mobile Wireless Refraction System

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Product Description
The Mobile Wireless Refraction System is a combination of 2WIN and VisionFit SC. Is the fastest and most efficient solution to objectively and binocularly measure the refraction and to test it subjectively.

They work together in a synchronized way: the 2WIN-4 catches the objective refraction of the patient, it sends data to the tablet controlling the VisionFit SC that automatically sets according to the 2WIN’s values to test the subjective refraction. This system is totally wireless and mobile, this allows you to optimize the time of examining and to make your examination more comfortable and accurate.

The Adaptica 2WIN-4 is a binocular mobile refractometer and visión analyzer that measures both eyes at the same time, in real life vision conditions. Is the way to detect refractive errors and visión problems. The 2WIN-4 is 100% potable with a long battery life and connection wifi. With great benefits: allows the measurement of binocular objetive refraction also with glasses or contact lenses; the refraction of infants and children from 2 months of age, seniors, impaired and non-cooperative patients; the early detection and documentation of multiple amblyogenic factors and objective measurement of sight anomalies that may be related to anisometropia, anisocoria, strabismus, phoria (software opcional). Includes infrared occluder, aluminum carry case, wall battery charger, two batiereis, USB cable and operador manual.

VisionFit SC
VisionFit SC enables examining in free posture. Subjective refraction can be performed with the patient in his/her usual working enviroment and posture. VisionFit SC does not require the control of the patient’s position that is why it is ideal with non-cooperative patients. Thanks to its comfortable and small footprint, this device reduces the examination time and increases the peripheral vision.

How works VisionFit SC?
Thanks to the “Analysis of Corneal Reflexes”, the 2WIN-4 can help your daily work by automating the analysis of refraction with a documented information of phorias and tropias (horizontal and vertical). This application provides complete information regarding the position of corneal reflexes.

The process of examination of VisionFit SC
▪ The patient wears the VisionFit SC lens frame like a regular trial frame and looks through it at an eye chart (or any other near/far target).
▪ The patient can be standing, seated or any other desired position or enviromental condition.
▪ The eye chart or target can be placed at different distances depending on the type of exam.
▪ The operator adjusts the device in order to change the configuration of the optics by using the tablet, requesting subjective feedback from the patient.
▪ The operator selects the output values for both glasses and contact lenses prescripciones.

Additional Features of VisionFit SC
A set of add-on lenses is included in the VisionFit basic package to perform all the tests of refraction procedure. VisionFit APP asures storage of data. VisionFit easily connects to a local Wireless network to communicate with the 2WIN-4 refractometer and/or other WIFI devices.

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