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LXRU1000110V Refraction Unit LuxVision

LXRU1000110V Refraction Unit LuxVision

Item #: LXRU1000110V
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Product Description
Refraction Units / Instrument Tables | RU1000 Prometeo is one of a series of products designed to meet customers requiriments. This high quality unit is solid built and easy to use and maintain. It is wear resistant and corrosion?proof. As one unit of a complete set of medical apparats for ophthalmology. It is an ideal choice for ophthalmologists and opticians not also in optical glass shops. Form and functionality have been integrated to create an expression of innovative design.


Max.angle for rotation of sliding table: 90 degrees Distance for displacing of sliding table: 360mm / 14.4 in Distance for stroke of electrical driven chair: 160mm / 6.3 in Max.loading capacity of arm: 10kg / 22 lb Power of light source: 18W Power source: AC220V / AC110V / 50Hz Weight of unit: 220kg / 480 lb Package: 850x220x220 mm / 73x8.67x8.67 74' x 12' x 10'
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