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Luxvision - LDR-2600

Luxvision - LDR-2600

Item #: LDR-2600
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Product Description
Luxvision - LDR-2600

The LDR-2600 is a compact automated refractor which will allow you to examine patients from the comfort of your chair.

Whether you are entering the prescription determined by an autorefractor or it is transferred automatically (when the entire digital practice is set up), the lens rotation is fast and silent.

When performing near vision testing, the PD automatically adjusts, allowing for accurate testing.

LDR-2600 contains a unique feature that offers an estimated near Rx based on patient¡¯s age.

There will no longer be a need to look up at the chart projected on the wall during refraction. Not only will the prescription be right in front of you on the screen, but so is the visual acuity chart displayed to the patient.

When connected with LRK (autorefractor) and LCP(chart projector), the prescription will be automatically loaded into the automated phoropter. Digital Practice is what every doctor needs in their office.
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