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Luxvision - Digital Practice

Luxvision - Digital Practice

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Product Description
Luxvision Digital Practice

Reasons to use the Digital Practice

Increase your profitability

The digital system allows you to optimize the processes, by cutting and reducing time during the refraction procedure, while increasing the accuracy. As a result, you can see more patients per day, more efficiently and with better results.

Quality of Life

The digital system allows you to control the entire equipment remotely. You can examine the patient from the control console, without leaving your desk. At the same time, you are able to control the Luxvision LCP-2600 projector and monitor what the patients are reading on the LCD console. As a result, you will be able to work comfortably from your desk, instead of standing 8 hours beside the patient, operating a manual refractor or trial lenses. You can take advantage of the digital refractor Luxvision LDR-2600, ensuring that the visual acuity test is accurate. It also allows the user to perform sophisticated tests.


The different network options for configuring the digital system provide greater efficiency in combining labor and equipment. With the digital practice network system, you can have the auto refractor/keratometer Luxvision LRK-2600, digital refractor Luxvision LDR-2600 and the chart projector Luxvision LCP-2600 connected; working and communicating as one unit to improve office efficiency.


Accuracy characterizes the equipment that makes up the digital practice, including highlighting the unique features of the Luxvision LDR-2600 digital auto refractor and the dual cross cylinder that allows you to have tools that lead to better results in subjective refraction. Similarly, the lensometer allows you to compare the old and the new prescription of the patient, at the touch of a button. Luxvision LRK-2600 with its unique optical technology provides fast, accurate readings and enhances the reliability of results.

Better image

The professional image that is generated by the impressive equipment design and its digital interface creates an impact on your clients, who will feel that the consultation has been of great quality. The image projected to clients will create positive word of mouth and serve as a marketing strategy. This will help you bring and win new customers and retain those you already have.

Friendly training

The system is user-friendly and simple. It was designed to allow anyone to quickly and intuitively become familiar with the system. Likewise, the training of new users is quick and easy.

Luxvision - Digital Practice

LRK - 2600 $5980
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LDR - 2600 $9000
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LCP - 2600 $1300
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