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Lockable Custom Rods

Lockable Custom Rods
Monolock is the newest customizable lockable clip system. It consists of three component parts; the butterfly-shaped display clip, the integrated locking mechanism and the 5/8 inch diameter acrylic rod which is cut exactly to the desired length.

The patented anti-theft locking mechanism locks individual frames quickly, easily and efficiently. The locking mechanism consists of a steel ball that engages in the base of the arm of the lock and securely locks the frame. The frame is unlocked with the specially designed magnetic key, which fits around the arm of the lock and releases the steel ball. This innovative and functional locking clip can accommodate any frame size.

This custom single lock system can be incorporated into any design regardless of the size of the display unit. Once the lockable clips have been slid onto the rods, the rods are fitted into the cabinets. The number of rods used will vary according to the width of the cabinet.

Features and Benefits
  • Secure, Stylish and Transparent - Made from polycarbonate material, the lockable clips are unobtrusive - no heavy distracting display material in the background to detract from your eyewear.
  • Simple to assemble, use and install
  • Unique - Locks individual spectacle frames on display, thereby minimizing the danger of theft of your expensive spectacle frames.
  • Efficient - With the touch of a magnetic key, eyewear is unlocked quickly and easily making it accessible to your customers to view in under 2 seconds! No fussing with keys or glass sliding doors.
  • Versatile - This system may be used in any design of built-in cabinets, point of sale displays, mobile floor units, counter top displays and, together with the available custom designed wall brackets, it can even be mounted directly onto walls.
  • Saves space - The fitted rods are spaced 6 to 7 inches apart in the cabinets. Each 48-inch rod length accommodates 14-15 frames.
Please call us at 877.274.9300 with any questions regarding this new system.
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