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LM-7200 Digital Lensmeter

LM-7200 Digital Lensmeter

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Product Description
The Luxvision LM-7200 is affordably priced, all-digital unit is a smart choice for any office.

The Luxvision LM-7200 is an outstanding lensmeter featuring a green measurement light, 5.6-inch high-resolution LCD, UV transmittance details, a built-in printer and so much more. Now your staff can obtain accurate lens measurements with minimal training. The LM-7200 auto lensmeter provides repeatable, objective measurements every time. It is easy to use, reduces operator error, and eliminates the subjectivity inherent in manual lensmeter readings. The LM-7200 can easily and accurately measure all lens types, including single vision lenses, multifocals, and progressive addition lenses.

Features of the LM-7200 Digital Lensmeter
▪ Green Measurement Light
▪ Easy to Operate
▪ Large LCD Screen
▪ Measures All Lenses
▪ UV Measurement
▪ Pupillary Distance Measurement
▪ Contact Lens Measurement
▪ Space-Saving Vertical Orientation
▪ Thermal Printer

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