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LL-POP UP with PIN Panel

LL-POP UP with PIN Panel

Item #: M2-10-11-XX-00-M2-10-11-XX-00
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Our Price: $1,400.00
Product Description
Pin panel combination with Floor standing Frame for LL-POP UP! Made of acrylic glass, Color: Matt White, fitted with PIN supports, open, or with locking MONO Pins. Includes all necessary hardware. Panel on one side only.

PPU 3/20 - 345 x 2000mm

PPU 5/20 - 520 x 2000mm

PPU 7/20 - 695 x 2000mm

PPU 9/20 -- 870 x 2000mm

Note: You may consider adding an extra panel for the back side. Please call us if you choose to do so. 1-877-274-9300

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