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LXLM200 Lensmeter LuxVision Internal Reading

LXLM200 Lensmeter LuxVision Internal Reading

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Product Description
Manual Lensmeter of internall reading

This device is suitable to test the diopters of spherical lenses of ophthalmic lens or cylindrical lens, diopter, axis(axle) of astigmatism of cylindrical lens, diopter of the prism and diopter of the cornea - contact lens

Characteristics :

The ocular one is provided with a unit of approach which range of approach is of + 5D to be adapted to the different visions of the different operators. The retcle is divided with the scale of measurement and the dividing disc of the degree of the prism. The entire degree of the prism is read directly of the scale of measurement and of the decimal scale estimated according to the degree on the scale of measurement.

Specifications :

Ranges of measurement of diopters: 0 to +25D Minimal value of the scale: 0,125D at 0 to + 5D 0,25D at + 5D to + 25D Axis of the astigmatism of the cylindrical lens: 0 - 180 Diopter of the prism: 0 - 5 Angle bases of the prism: 0 - 180 Regulator of the ocular visibility: + 5D Size of the lens: - 16mm a - 80mm Total dimensions of the device: 275mm x 130mm x 455mm Weight: 5,6 Kg Power: 220V - 110V / 15W

PRISM Compensator: Optional for Both Models
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