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LED Color Changes!

Creating highlights in your store makes shopping a unique experience and increases the turnover. With these innovative LED-modules, you set the best stage for an extraordinary display. Set yourself apart from your competitors and show your assortment of goods in an impressive ambiance.

The panels are 3/8" thick acrylic, available in three sizes and shapes. Front: frosted ice acrylic. Two lateral covers can be glossy illuminated polar white or black acrylic. Fitted with 3 clear acrylic shelves or Optiquattro System.

AP-20-20-OQ-LED: 81" (H) X 78.7" (W) X 10" (D)

AP-15-20-Q-OQ-LED: 81" (H) X 61.4" (W) X 10" (D)

AP-15-20-OQ-LED: 81" (H) X 61.4" (W) X 10" (D)

AP-15-20-T-LED: 81" (H) X 61.4" (W)

AP-15-20-SQ-SH: 81" (H) X 61.4" (W)

AP-20-20-T-LED: 81" (H) X 78.7" (W)
Wallmount Frame Panels