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Keretamometer KR-800

Keretamometer KR-800

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Product Description
The Keratometer KR-800 was developed under the guidance of The Ophthalmology and Optometry Center.

This instrument gives a precise examination of the curvature radius of the anterior corneal surface. This measuramente is utilized to fit contact lenses and monitor corneal changes produced through the wear of contact lenses.

The Keratometer is occasionally used to assist in the recognition of certain corneal abnormalities and to check the radius of curvature of both hard and soft contact lenses. The program can be operated with considerably ease.

This Keratometer efficienly measures the curvature radius of the anterior corneal surface. One position measurament is not only more accurate but is trylu effective in reducing the measuring time and also helps promote patient's cooperation.

Technical Specifications: Range of corneal radius of curvature: 5.5-11 mm / 0.21-0.44in Range of corneal refractive power: 35-68D Power: 110V - 50W Axis of corneal astigmatism: 0-180 degrees Head-rest adjustment range: 90 degrees Mainframe volume: 300x280x510 mm / 11.8x11x20 in Weight: 18kg / 40 lb
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