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HPE-7000 Patternless Edger

HPE-7000 Patternless Edger

Item #: HPE-7000
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Product Description
The Huvitz Excelon XD HPE-7000 takes patternless edging to new heights, making it possible to perform any job on any material, regardless of operator skill. The user-friendly touch screen and graphical interface make processing easy.

Dual side feelers scan the lens simultaneously for 50% faster lens reading while bigger cutting wheels and a robust motor system offer up to 30% faster cutting speeds and reduced vibration and noise. Meanwhile, detailed edging status is displayed graphically in real-time. An integrated drill module provides fast and accurate high speed drilling with up to 30 degrees of mobility to support high curve lenses and drill mount frames. You can use the touch screen to create virtually any lens hole you need, using simple drag and drop functions. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line patternless edger, look no further than the HPE-7000.

Features of the HPE-7000 Patternless Edger
▪ Four Grinding Wheels
▪ Graphical Touch Screen Interface
▪ Advanced Digital Technology
▪ Simplified Hole Editing
▪ 3-Dimensional Drill
▪ Real-Time Status
▪ Dual Side Feelers
▪ Integrated Drill Module
▪ Faster and Quieter
▪ Advanced Safety Features
▪ Dual CPU
▪ Network Friendly
▪ Multi Language Menu Support

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