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HPE-8000 Patternless Edger

HPE-8000 Patternless Edger

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Product Description
The KAIZER HPE-8000 is the next generation to follow the Huvitz Excelon series and is designed with a wide array of features intended to simplify and perfect in-house lens finishing.

The HPE-8000 lens edger seamlessly finishes plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex® and offers the widest range of bevel options available. Integrated, accelerated long-life milling technology eliminates axis twisting. Plus, with the optional drill unit, virtually any lens shape or hole pattern is possible. Operators will appreciate the real-time lens analysis, precise bevel adjustment, and outstanding polish quality that are possible with the HPE-8000

Features of the HPE-8000 Patternless Edger
▪ Finish Various Lens Materials
▪ Diverse Beveling Options
▪ Simulation Function
▪ High-Resolution Touch Screen Interface
▪ Advanced Digital Technology
▪ Real-Time Status
▪ Dual Side Feelers
▪ Bigger Cutting Wheels
▪ Accelerated Long-Life Milling
▪ Outstanding Processing and Storage

Finish Various Lens Materials
The HPE-8000 offers the freedom to finish a range of lens materials including glass, plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex.

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