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HPE-810 D Patternless Edger

HPE-810 D Patternless Edger

Item #: HPE-810-D
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Product Description
Top brand Huvitz Patternless Edgers - easy to use, fast, and precise.

Updated and enhanced, the new HPE-810 D makes edging lenses even easier. Graphics make beveling easier by showing detailed images of the beveling process. Take advantage of the faster processing time and ability to edit new jobs while edger is in progress.

Features of the HPE-810 D Patternlenss Edger HPE-810 D
▪ Adaptive Clamp Chuck of Joint Configuration
▪ Auto/ Manual 3D Simulation
▪ Powerful Drill
▪ Design Your Imagination - Scan & Cut (Optional)
▪ Tiltable Drill for High Curve Lenses
▪ Bidirectional Feeling - Processing Time Reduction
▪ Larger Wheels - Processing Time Reduction
▪ Faster Processing
▪ Powerful Direct Motor Drive
▪ Highly Efficient CPU
▪ Partial & Hybrid Grooving
▪ Customized Mini Bevel
▪ Concave Shape Processing
▪ Easy Click Editing (for Chemistrie Clip Frames)
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