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HDM-8000 Drilling Unit

HDM-8000 Drilling Unit

Item #: HDM-8000
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Product Description
The KAIZER line is the next generation to follow the Huvitz Excelon series and is designed with a wide array of features intended to simplify and perfect in-house lens finishing.

The HDM-8000 Drilling Unit offers the ultimate time saving solution to increase your profitability. You can transmit jobs with a single click. Create the wildest lens shape imaginable. Virtually any shape lens and hole pattern is attainable. The HDM-8000 also features a sleek design and a small footprint that can fit beautifully in any space.

Features of the HDM-8000 Drilling Unit
▪ Data Profiling Algorithm
▪ Smart Job Manager Software
▪ Easy Hole Editing
▪ Single Click Simplicity
▪ Accommodates Anything
▪ Advanced Safety Features
▪ Small Footprint
▪ Promotes Cleanliness

Data Profiling Algorithm
The HDM-8000 features a new systematic data-profiling algorithm that significantly reduces job-processing time.

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