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HD camera with HD-SDI

HD camera with HD-SDI

Item #: LX-CCD-CameraHD
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The Luxvision LX-CCD-CameraHD takes slit lamp photography to the next level with the incorporation of built-in HD-SDI output. A growing number of practitioners are incorporating photo capabilities into their standard exam routines¡ªand for good reason.

It¡¯s great for patient education, it helps you document more clearly, it provides a huge ¡°wow-factor,¡± and it can boost billable diagnoses. The Luxvision LX-CCD-CameraHD works together with your slit lamp and allows you to incorporate photo capabilities into your standard exam routine. With photography capabilities, you¡¯ll be able to enhance patient education and document more clearly. Slit lamp photography also provides a huge ¡°wow-factor¡± with patients and can pay for itself many times over by boosting billable diagnoses. Easily upgrade your slit lamp with the addition of the LX-CCD-CameraHD. Assembly is easy.
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