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GRU-6000 Ultrasonic A/B Scan

GRU-6000 Ultrasonic A/B Scan

Item #: GRU-6000
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Product Description
GRU-6000 Ultrasonic A/B Scan

Ultrasonic A/B Scanner

A sophisticated cost-effective portable ultrasound scanner


■ Operating Mode: B, B+A, B+B, A
■ High Resolution Images
■ 8 Images Memory
■ 8 Steps Zoom
■ Post Processing of Images
■ Multi- groups of Calipers for Distance Measurement
■ 7" CRT Monitor
■ Foldable Keyboard, Fully Portable
■ Trackball for Easy Measurement and Operation
■ Real-time Clock
■ Optional Image Output: Video Printer or Workstation
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