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Product Description

กแ Features
- Extremely easy to use
- Portable & Sleek Design
- Auto Gain Control
- Built-in Thermal Printout

กแ Precise and Accurate A scan measurement is a dedicated and matired technology in the ophthalmic field.

กแ Automatic Reading System auto measures 8 readings for 1 group. Manually adjust reading results during auto measuring.

กแ Splendid Measuring Mode Immersion measuring mode and 4 modes of auto reading: Normal, Cataract, Aphakick and Special Manual.

กแ S.D. Function Provides S.D. (Standard Deviation) to help evaluate reading reliability.

กแ Patient Management Built-in data archive for permanent memory of 180 patient records.

กแ Instant PrintOut Instant printout by built-in thermal printer. User-defined printing options.

กแ Accurate Measurement Auto cornea thickness reading. Multiple or single point reading and measurements for single point cornea thickness. Average reading sharply increases acuracy.

กแ IOP (Introcular Pressure) Adjustment Provides reference for tonometer measurement. Parameters adjustable according to users experience.

กแ User-defined Interface User may define accoustic velocity. IOP parameters, printing option, etc.

กแ IOL Calculation 610 formulae for IOL calculation. Instant formula switch. Automatic Axial Length import. Parameters input with Touch Screen. Dual formulae display for result comparison. Easy access to database. One button instant printout.

กแ PC Connection Uploading application software is developed to enable communication with PC and massive storage capability.
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