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GRU-5000 A/P Biometer + Pachymeter

GRU-5000 A/P Biometer + Pachymeter

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Product Description
Gilras GRU-5000 is a cost-effective Ultrasonic A-Scan Biometer Pachymeter which eliminates signal loss delivering amazing clear images.

The GRU-5000 A/P combines two indispensible tools into one compact unit. This Gilras unit allows for both A-Scan biometry as well as pachymetry. An essential part of ophthalmic practice, A-scan ultrasound is crucial in the preoperative evaluation of cataract surgery patients. The Gilras GRU-5000 A/P technique takes multiple, accurate readings and offers a wealth of features that will help you deliver better patient care and select an appropriate intraocular lens (IOL) power for cataract patients. Likewise, you can count on the precise corneal pachymetry readings you’ll achieve with the GRU-5000 A/P. Whether you are comanaging LASIK, screening for keratoconus, preparing for LRI surgery, or going the extra mile with your glaucoma patients, this unit is programmed with all the features and data tools you will need. You’ll get all this and more in a portable, sleek design when you choose the GRU-5000 A/P.

Features of the GRU 5000 A/P Biometer+Pachymeter
▪ 10MHz A Scan Probe
▪ 20MHz Straight or Angled Pachymetry Probe
▪ Several Measuring Modes
▪ Automatic Readings
▪ IOL Calculation
▪ Accurate Corneal Thickness
▪ IOP Parameters
▪ User-Defined Interface
▪ Standard Deviation
▪ Color LCD Touch Screen
▪ Foot Switch
▪ Probe Holder
▪ Built-in Printer
▪ Data Management System
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