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Product Description

Gilras GR-54C Slit Lamp Microscope Image System combines the functions of image acquisition, database, image editing and photo printing together.

The Gilras GR-54C is a superior slit lamp offering. Offered in your choice of LED or Halogen, the Haag-Streit Style Tower Illumination and Galilean Optics deliver exceptional clarity and luminance. The GR-54C also features one of the worlds only all-in -one imaging systems that combines image acquisition, editing and printing together with database storage. This incredible image acquisition system handles images with resolutions as high as 17.9 mega pixels. The GR-54C offers outstanding zoom and field-of-view. An ergonomically designed selection drum allows you to achieve total magnification ratios equivalent to 6x (∅34.7mm), 10x (∅22mm), 16x (∅13.5mm), 25x (∅8.5mm) and 40x (∅5.5mm) with the 12.5x eyepiece. Made of fine bronze, aluminum and superior quality optical crystal, the GR-54C delivers incomparable durability as well as excellent performance. The integrated joystick with shot button allows practitioners to acquire sharp images with ease. Seven available aperture adjustments and continuous slit rotation as well as tilt will bring clarity to even the most complex exams. The GR-54C also offers the flexibility to add on tonometry, a beamsplitter and video. Take your slit lamp exams to the next level today with the Gilras GR-54C with Image Acquisition and Management.

Features of the GR-54C Slit Lamp
▪ Haag-Streit Style Tower Illumination
▪ Galilean Optical System
▪ Five-Position Revolving Drum Magnification
▪ Image Acquisition and Management
▪ Large Binocular Field-of-View
▪ Seven Available Aperture Diameters
▪ LED or Halogen
▪ 12.5x Eyepieces
▪ Four Built-in Illumination Pathway Filters
▪ Tabletop Included
▪ LED Fixation Target
▪ Slit Angle: 0o to 180o continuously adjustable from vertical to horizontal
▪ Continuous Slit Rotation, Plus Tilt Mechanism
▪ Microscope Arm-Locking Knob
▪ Illumination Arm-Locking Knob
▪ Chin-Rest Elevation Adjustment Knob
▪ Joystick with Shot Button
▪ Included one beamsplitter and video adapter
▪ Image Process Software included
▪ Accessories Mount

▪ Microscope

▪ Microscope Type Galilean Type

▪ Magnification Change Five Position Revolving Drum

▪ Eyepieces 12.5X

▪ Angke Between Eyepieces 13

▪ Total Magnification Ratio 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X

▪ Pupillary Adjustment 2.05 ~ 3.07in (52 ~ 78mm)

▪ Diopter Adjustment 6D

▪ Field of View 1.37in(6X), 0.87in(10X), 0.53in(16X), 0.33in(25X), 0.22in(40X) (34.7mm(6X), 22mm(10X), 13.5mm(16X), 8.5mm(25X), 5.5mm(40X))

▪ Slit Illumination

▪ Slit Width 0 ~ 0.55in / 14mm continuous (slit becomes a circle at 0.55in / 14mm)

▪ Slit Length 1 ~ 0.55in / 14mm continuos

▪ Aperture Diameters 0.55in, 0.4in, 0.2in, 0.12in, 0.08in, 0.04in, 0.008in (14mm, 10mm, 5mm, 3mm, 2mm, 1mm, 0.2mm)

▪ Slit Angle 0-180

▪ Slit Inclination 4 step: 5, 10, 15, 20

▪ Filters Heat-absorbing Filter, Ned Filter, Red-free Filter, Cobalt Blue Filter

▪ Light Source Option of LED or Halogen Lamp

▪ Lamp 6V/20W Halogen Lamp

▪ Instrument Base

▪ Longitudinal Movement 3.54in / 90mm

▪ Lateral Movement 3.94in / 100mm

▪ Vertical Movement 1.2in / 30mm

▪ Fine Base Movement 0.6in / 15mm

▪ Chin-Rest

▪ Vertical Movement 3.15in / 80mm

▪ Fixation Target Red LED

▪ Power Supply

▪ Input Voltage 220V/110V~10%

▪ Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz

▪ Power Consumptions 30VA (max)

▪ Output Voltage Lamp 6V, Fixation 3V


▪ Dimension 29.13 x 17.71 x 19.7in (740 x 450 x 500mm)

▪ Gross Weight 55lb / 25Kg

▪ Net Weight 52.8lb / 24Kg

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