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GPR-6700 Printer With Controls

GPR-6700 Printer With Controls

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Product Description
GPR-6700 High Speed, High Resolution Printer With UserFriendly Controls For Medical Applications

The GPR-6700 is a high speed, high resolution monochrome printer with worldwide compatibility for medical applications. User-friendly controls including slide-switches for size and mode and a dial for adjust control are coveniently located on the front panel making it exceptionally simple and easy to operate. The compact and lightweight GPR-6700 is designed with a uniquely thin printing mechanism that sharply reduces the required amount of installation space, providing added convenience for use and installation. A high density 325 dpi thermal head and resolution of 1280 x 500 pixels results in exceptionally sharp reproduction of even the most intricate details.


High-Speed Printing Functional

Print Method Thermal printing on thermal sensitive paper Prints 3.9 x 3.0" image (1280 x 500) at high-speed in approximately 3.3 seconds.

Choose from Six Printing Sizes

Input Signal Standard composite video (NTSC and PAL) Print size is easily set and meets all hospital print size needs. Prints output of medical images that are easier to see and interpret than ever before.

Dependable, High Resolution Images for Medical Applications

High-density thermal head and thermal recording mode reproduce delicate lighting and shade. High resolution 1280 x 500 pixels and 256 grades for normal size printing (horizontal picture element density of 325 dpi).

Simple and Convenient to Operate

The most complete and convenient user interface. All principal functions are accessible front the front panel.

■ Supplementary prints are easily output; simply press the front panel copy button.

■ y-adjustment function supports a wide variety of applic ations.

■ Many settings are easily checked; LED indicators provided for most settings.

Compact Thermal Printer A uniquely thin printing mechanism sharply reduces installation space.

Worldwide Compatibility

■ 100-240V power supply

■ Compatible with UL 2601-1 & CE(LVD,MDD)
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