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Sit-Down Quarter-Vision

GL116 Sit-Down Quarter-Vision Case
Single access sit down case with a 9" high glass display area. Available in four different widths. Send us a sample and your color can be matched. Pricing start at $1550.00. Please contact us for more options and placing an order.

-Tempered glass
-Clear glass doors
-locking sliding doors (plunger lock)
-Mirror deck
-Veneer deck
-Queen Anne legs

-Glass to glass front
-Glass to glass sides
-Mirror doors
-Solid doors
-Center drawers
-Halogen light strip
-LED light strip
-LED pole lights
-With tapered legs
-Without legs (top only)

Dimensions and Weights:
-Width 36", 48", 60", 72"
-Depth 20"
-Height 36"
-Height glass area 9"
-Height base/deck 2.5"
-Height legs 24.5"
-Weight 55lbs, 63lbs, 80lbs, 96lbs
-Crated weight 101lbs, 114lbs, 163lbs, 171lbs

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