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GLM-8000 Digital Lensmeter

GLM-8000 Digital Lensmeter

Item #: GLM-8000
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Product Description
This new generation of auto lensmeter is based on Hartmann Sensor technology. It offers advanced simultaneous measurement of 108 points, providing a faster measurement with greater accuracy and complete reliability. Your staff will obtain accurate lens measurements every time.

The GLM-8000 provides comfortable viewing and operation with its adjustable, tilting color LCD screen. Users simply touch the LCD screen to perform measurements. Operation couldn’t be easier or more convenient. With automatic progressive measurement, high-speed UV testing, and a built-in printer, this Gilras model is an excellent choice in virtually any setting.

Features of the GLM-8000 Lensmeter
▪ Hartmann Sensor with 108 Measurement Points
▪ Graphic Interface
▪ Touch-Screen Operation
▪ Automatic Progressive Measurement
▪ High-Speed UV Measurement
▪ LCD with Adjustable Tilt
▪ Built-in Thermal Printer

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