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GDL-78D Gilras78 Diopter Lens

GDL-78D Gilras78 Diopter Lens

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Product Description
GDL-78D Gilras78 Diopter Lens


78 Diopter diagnostic lens with Small holding ring, for non-contact examinations.


- Commonly known indirect ophthalmoscopy techniques using either the slit lamp or binocular indirect ophthalmoscope should be used.

- Keep the lens centered on the patient's pupil.

- Hold the lens far enough from the patient's eye so that the retinal image is the same diameter as the lens.

- Keep the illumination source as dim as possible to minimize reflections and loss of image contrast.

- Use the Ocular Lens Cleaning Cloth (OLCC) to keep lens clean and minimize glare from the lens surface.
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