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GCP 7000 Z Chart Projector

GCP 7000 Z Chart Projector

Item #: GCP-7000Z
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Product Description
The GCP 7000 charts with high quality, allow precise acuity test for you. The chart projector delivers its promises by utilizing the total refractor system to perform any test you want accurately and efficiently.

- High Quality Charts / Clear and Fast

The GCP7000 has high resolution power of line, 50 lines/mm, so provides near and clean graphics and a fast chart changing speed marking it easy for operators to use and comfortable for customers

- Wide Range of features / Various and perfect

The GCP7000 with 41 charts including Red/ Green and Polarizing filters are the new solutions for Binocular balance test, Stereo test, Aniseikonia Test, Fusion Test, Aros Lan, Chart for children.
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