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FH-6500 Frame Heater

FH-6500 Frame Heater

Item #: FH6500
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Product Description
The Luxvision FH-6500 is a Digital hot air-style Frame Heater that can be used with confidence to warm spectacle frames in order to soften its material sufficiently to allow insertion of lenses and/or adjustment.

Featuring an LED Power Indicator and Digital Temperature Control, this professional, durable frame heater reduces the danger of burning or drying out the frames and is ideal for regular and more sensitive frame materials. The FH-6500 offers quick, uniform heating as well as temperature adjustment. In addition, this stylish unit features advanced safety features.

Features of the FH-6500 Frame Heater
▪ Quick, Uniform Heating
▪ Modern Digital Design
▪ Temperature Adjustment
▪ Diverse Frame Materials
▪ Safety Features
▪ Space Saving
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