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EZ-Horus Telemedicine Box  Telemedicine Box

EZ-Horus Telemedicine Box Telemedicine Box

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Product Description
The Ezer EZ-Horus Telemedicine Box offers maximum portability and connectivity for a complete and precise remote examination.

Now the professional is capable of adding a Portable All-In-One System to the Ezer EZ-Horus family of diagnostic equipment. The Self-Contained Telemedicine Box allows the Telemedicine experience to be completely portable, secure, and instantaneous. A remarkable 10.4 Touchscreen allows the user an easy and intuitive interaction with the patient organizer software and Windows platform. EZ-Horus Telemedicine Box is ideal to connect with current hospital or clinic platform for a full diagnostic in minutes. Furthermore, it provides reliable video streaming in HD Resolution when combined with EZ-HORUS Cameras.

Features of the EZ-Horus Telemedicine Box
▪ 10.4" Mobile Clinical Assistant and Desktop Docking Station
▪ Windows Platform
▪ Built-in Front and Back Cameras
▪ Mobile, WIFI, Bluetooth, and Ethernet Connection
▪ VGA and COM (serial) Ports
▪ SSD for Maximum Performance
▪ Lithium Battery
▪ Two Smart Card Readers and Credit Card Stripe Reader
▪ Five USB Ports
▪ Dual Speakers and Built-in Digital Microphone
▪ Resistant and Confortable Industrial Carrying Case
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